Syminka (syminka) wrote,

This is Aleyina. Name change y'all!

I am changing my username. Allinia and I get confused too often and for everyone's sake, ours included, I changed it.
I use Syminka everywhere on the internet. It was my first character I created. I tried to make my own pokemon by combining two animals. haha XD I'm a dork.

Aleyina was a name I created when I was a whiny teen and really don't like using it anymore :( It doesn't relate to me and is just a dumb, random username back when I thought it was "cool" to have an alias. lol. Oh teenager years haha.

This is my big girl account...kinda. hehehe. I refuse to grow up :3 Yay toys!

Email is the same. I just didn't want to pay for an account. So I'll have to link feedback.
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